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I’m pleased to announce the publication of my second cookbook, Mr. Sunday’s Saturday Night Chicken.

After my husband accepted a position at Fox News our weekend routine completely changed. Sundays became one of the busiest days of the week and Saturday night went from our date night to a night to get to bed early. Instead of eating dinner out on Saturdays we started to eat in. After I served my husband chicken the first few Saturdays before his show, he said “let’s stick with chicken”. So chicken became, and still is, our Saturday night dinner.

Just like our Soup Sunday tradition that inspired my first book, our Saturday Night Chicken has become a family ritual. After roasting so many chickens, I decided to get more creative and explore new ways of cooking and preparing chicken. In this book, you will find more than one hundred recipes, accompanied by thirty-five delicious sides.

Chicken offers endless variety. It can be quick and easy to prepare, and there is a chicken dish for every season, mood, or occasion. Each recipe in the book has a family story, or comes from a chef, place, or friend that we hold dear to us. Whether you are looking for time-saving recipes, quick supports, or inspiring new ideas for roasted chickens, salads, pasta, or festive special occasions, Mr. Sunday’s Saturday Night Chicken rules the roost!

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I hope these chicken
recipes and the sides
to go along with them
bring you as many
wonderful meals as they
have for our family.
And I will let you in on
one little secret...
You don’t have to just
eat them on Saturday

Fox News Anchor