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In 2003, my husband Chris accepted a position at Fox News to be the anchor of its political talk show, “Fox News Sunday.” On Sundays Chris was now up at 5:15 am to question top national leaders and would come home at 11:30 am, exhausted and hungry. For the rest of our family, weekends were still weekends and our son, who was still living at home, would sleep in and then rush out the door for a workout. I was faced with a dilemma: how do I feed my husband and my son in a timely and nourishing manner and how do I bring our family together if only for a short time? The answer for our family was soup. Soup Sunday quickly became a family tradition and it lead to my first New York Times bestseller, Mr. Sunday’s Soups.

After having three books published, we are now empty nesters and have to work even harder to keep the family together. For us the dinner table remains just the place to do it! And I know it works for so many others as I’ve shared hundreds of recipes with families across the country. You can find a great dish for every night of the week and throughout the year in any of my books, Mr. Sunday’s Soups, Mr. Sunday’s Saturday Night Chicken and Mr & Mrs Sunday’s Suppers.


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